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October 17th, 2005

07:05 pm: Roma roma!
So i've had comlpaints i don't update this! Does anyone read it anyway!? plus, i email you all! anyway, so here i am in roma, thats been 5 weeks now and still having a banter. Teaching is going good despite the corridor riots and student strikes... anyway, had many adventures, many ice creams and many gelati! I miss my boy very much though! hmm, i've said everything else in emails, check them and reply!! xxx

September 19th, 2005

12:40 pm: CIAO DA ROMA!!
HEHE, yes i am here, the weather is roasting hot and roma is as amazing as ever. Been to the cinema, drank vino, eaten pizza and gelati and shopped till i dropped. today i am going to get an italian mobile, could prove quite complex. anyway, have moved into a super cool flat with terrace and dog, i have shutters!! hehe and a doorman, super cooool. xxxx

September 1st, 2005

10:32 am: It's been one week...
Ahhh so in just over a week, I will be in Rome, how immensely crazy is that, madness i tell you. So i'm all packed up with my swanky giant pink case along with my other black case and multiple items of hand luggage... hmm... i am just pure mintal. So what have i been up to? Well besides packing, i've been buying things to pack...eating out..had kirsty to stay for a few days which was banter...saw many castles, awwww and i had my leavin party :( twas banterful but sad, i was looking well funk in my banterful party outfit (you missed out there stephy.. it was hot baby) Anyway drank many strawberry daiquiris and other delights. Kirsty loved slaines... yeee! Ham. sorry i denied you.. :( please forgive me wag!!
Anyway, today martino and i are dining out as he goes to glasgow tomorrow but then comes back on mon, then back tues, then home thurs and then back when i go on monday. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!

August 22nd, 2005

04:44 pm: Time grabs you by the wrists, directs you where to go...
So, its been 20 days since i updated this...what have i been doing...well working quite a lot but now thats all finished as schools have gone back.. i miss it :( So i have been preparing myself for my roman adventures. Last weekend i went to glasgow for some banter, watched the island (good) and did some general wine drinking. Anyway, i got home sunday night then headed off to edinburgh on the tuesday to see my housefriend clare, banter!!! On tues night i met up with shonski and kirsten and we drank outside in a garden, cool! Anyway so clare's flat was banterful, did some shopping hehe and came home. Then on friday i went to the optician and got new bright pink glasses,, ooo they are funk. Today i made toffee.... oooo i rock xxx

August 2nd, 2005

04:45 pm: Circus banter!!
Heee hee, well yesterday i got to go on a trip to the circus with work and then get a chipper supper on the way home - good banter, i love my job!! The circus was good, lots of jumpy, twirly things, no elephants though :( Today i was only working for an hour doing a music session with the kids, lots of hokey-cokeying!
Lets see, what else have i been up to..ooo well i went shopping on sunday morning and got a new party outfit for a ceilidh that me and martin are going to on saturday night, should be funny! I went to a Bench gig last monday and ham was rocking out on the glockenspiel!! I had to sit next to this weird man who kept telling me he was a professional singer... hmmm... he looked like a ned from weegie land with his pint and fags...scary man... Anyway, bench were very good and we got chips on the way home, mmmm! Aww man, all that gig talk, we were meant to go to a gig last night that tim and ham were playing but i forgot, awwww damn it, sorry ham if you're reading! It was all that circus banter, we didn't get back till 8, you should have reminded me!!! Was it good?
I'm working tomorrow properly and then only 2 days after that, awww, i wish it was longer but oh well, kids go back to school then.
Anyway, my preparations for Roma continue, flights are booked, yee and am in the process of acquainting myself with some Romans!! It's all good banter!! ciao for now amici xxxxxx

July 27th, 2005

04:03 pm: it's the roman countdown - 48 days...
He he, well i thought i hadn't written in this for ages so better give an update on what i've been up to. I've been working lots usually 3 or 4 days a week - been on lots of trips (alford, huntly, planetkidz..) and am goin to the circus on monday with the teenage group - banter!! Apparently, we're getting a chipper supper on the way home - ahhh i get paid to eat chips, brilliant! Loving my job - it's great fun - was trampolining today - great fun!
Apart from work, went down to see andrew in glasgow - drank lots of italian wine and went to see the wedding crashers. Then we came home and saw madagscar - very funny!
I've booked my flight to ROMMMMMMMAAAAA!!! hehe 48 days to go - SEPTEMBER 12TH! I will of course be having a leaving party (good banter). Received a great long letter from the italian education ministery which is all in italian, will have to dig up the bible to translate it. ooo it was great was in town on saturday and saw a minibus with arabella travel on the side. hehe.
Was martin and i's 3 year anniversary on sat - we went on a little day trip - elgin/spey bay/baxters (mmm pancake..) and then to frankie and bennies for tea. It was cool. Went over to diane and darren's at night to watch a pirate of sin city - we saw it in the cinema and loved it but they thought it was a little strange...!
Anyway, that will be all for now... ciao xxx

July 13th, 2005

01:20 pm: tuna antics...
Started my job on friday and it's cool, on fri i got to play with clay and go shopping, whilst yesterday i went on a trip, to a park and on a bouncy castle, ahhh what a workin life! However i did get tuna all over me, eughhhhh, i hate tuna and also lemon mouse but it had melted and was more like lumpy lemon juice, lovely stuff. Kids are cool and i get paid to play with toys, well its hard too and i have to run around a lot, but good fun!
Besides that, we've been having many a bbq as its been nice and hot, mmm. Think we're gonna head to the cinema tonight to see something random i believe, only was working an hour today doing a music session so i'm loneeeeely now! hehe.
Going to glasgow on friday to stay with andrew, banter!! Had amazing fun last week - course was quite pathetic since nobody italianesque turned up but had grasshoppers in nude with emma then we went out with my friend amy and sho sho for more beverages, hehe we excelled in the free wine at our drink reception and there was caviar, eughhh. but good good banter. i miss the big city! Went shopping on monday in the 'deen but only bought some funk beads and a giantly fat belt, it rocks, i am sooooo chic, hehe xxx

July 4th, 2005

01:48 pm: want to go to rome now....
I'm like a stuck record... i'm bored... i'm bored... haha, anyway the plumber came today as we had a distinct lack of hot water and he offered me two t in the park tickets ...banter you say... yes... but i'm working the fri and the mon as is the martino so we wouldn't have time to get home, sucks man. At the moment, i am wasting time searching the internet for pink travel adapters.. what a fun life i lead... must go waste some more time on ebay i feel. also want a bright pink suitcase, now that would be classy.
Off to glasgow tomorrow and i can't wait - even if it is for a teaching course, plan on getting a couple of cocktails down my neck to say the least!!
So my weekend.. well on sat, i went to martino's and we watched live 8 alllllll day, twas banter, joss rocked and ahh mr brandon... Then on sunday, i went to see my granny, grandma and auntie and uncle then martin came over and we watched the grand prix... after that watched the amazing josie and the pussycats which was gracing channel 5 with it's presence. banter. also watched top gear - i can't believe how cool we are.
Currently, my mum has gone down the road to buy me some glue for tomorrow, hmmm i'd love to know what i'm goin to be glueing. However, am all packed and raring to go. Martin is coming over tonight as my car needed a new flump and had to go get fixed. haha speakin of car adventures i left my lights on for a couple of hours on thursday and came out of my work meeting to find my car battey flat which resulted in me having to call my dad to rescue me and jump start my car, ahhh.
Went to see war of the worlds on friday, it was good but at points a little disjointed. Also, went to frankies and bennies for tea - was amazing - mmm italian food banter - had a crazy lovely pudding though...mmm....

Current Mood: hornyhorny

June 30th, 2005

05:19 pm: Am sitting at Martino's house, watching richard and judy with small children ball-dancing - crazy stuff.. waiting for him to come back from work, hehe i just get left to housesit, its great fun. Haven't really done much today, went to see neve do her sports at kindergym and we've been playing since then. Got a meeting for work tonight - get paid for it and there are free refreshments!! banter!! Going to the cinema this weekend to see war of the worlds, should be good. Then off to glasgow next week, yeeee. Loving the banter!! xx

June 26th, 2005

11:20 am: Find yourself another place to fall....
Ahhh loving the kintore banter....hmmmm so bored... need my job to start... fed up... ran out of things to bake... watched all the films at the cinema... stupid aberdeen tiny cinema... i want to return to my cinema skyscraper... never mind... glasgow course in a week... emmski banter!!!...and i start my job next week... pennies... want to go to rome now... yes vino and pizza....martino will come to my house soon then my day will be banter... the sun is out...but my car is leaking oil.. which is sucky...went to jimmy chungs last night.. ate many a jelly... missing my glasgow and my buddies... ciao ciao xxxxx

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